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Tips from a pro

5 tips from honorary citizen Rob J

Bike Pro and "honorary citizen" of the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN Rob J's quick guide to boost your riding.


Warm up & Set up

Getting out of the lift your muscles are stiff and cold. So make sure you warm up and mobilize your body. It should also become a habit to check your bike before every ride ensuring the brakes are working and everything sits tightly. Also check your tires – many riders still run too-high a pressure.


Control it

Basics most of you probably know: keep your eyes far ahead and bend your elbows. But another fundamental riding element is your weight distribution. If you lean back, the bike will ride you. But if you have a centered more forward position, you are the pilot. When looking down you should see the axle of your front wheel.


Build up

Trail beginners should better avoid riding with their partners, and instead go out biking with people you are comfortable with or book a professional skill course. Don’t let anyone pressure you. Take your time and get accustomed to the lines so you can build confidence.


Work out

You will only be able to progress your mountain bike skills if you work on your flexibility and strength. A holistic work-out is essential for implementing the techniques and will reward you with more balance and more power on the bike. Work on your mobility, strengthen your core and try to counter your muscular dysbalances.


How to

I can only recommend any advanced rider to get to know his / her bike, to understand the basic mechanics and learn maintenance skills. Get to understand the brake set-up, the forks and the shocks. Know how to fix stuff when you’re riding. The more you know about your bike the more you know about biking.

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