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Operating times & code of conduct

Rules of Conduct
Open Trails

Operating Hours

Operating hours Bike Republic Sölden Summer 2024
Fri, 7 Jun - Sun, 6 Oct 2024.


Click HERE for detailed operating times of Bergbahnen Sölden.

Operator of the Bike Trails

Österreichischer Bergrettungsdienst Landesleitung Tirol
Florianistraße 2
6410 Telfs
ZVR 948437706

Risk Disclosure - Personal Responsibility

Riding the varied mountain bike trails in the outdoors and especially in high Alpine terrain is extremely demanding and involves also a high risk of falls, crashes, injuries and other damage of all kinds.

These considerable risks result (but not only) from the terrain, the weather conditions, any artificial or natural obstacles (e.g. ramps, obstacles, pasture fences, etc.), riding mistakes or lack of biking skills, material defects, grossly negligent behavior of bikers or other persons (e.g. others mountain bikers, pedestrians, walkers, spectators), grazing livestock, wild animals, etc. All these risks can subsequently lead to bikers' collisions/falls and serious bodily injury, including death, pain, emotional stress, traumata, property damage, financial loss and other damage of all kinds. Such damages can affect not only the mountain bikers themselves but also other people involved. In case of an accident the bikers have to bear the rescue costs. It is strongly recommended to take out a corresponding accident and liability insurance.

The mountain bike trails mainly comprise technically very difficult biking terrain. Riding the bike tracks and routes requires complete physical and mental health, a good physical shape, enough stamina and appropriate biking skills of each trail user. A realistic level of the bikers' ability to reason is absolutely required to correctly assess the risks related to mountain biking and to adapt the biking speed and choice of route to the personal conditions and abilities of the bikers. Additionally, the use of suitable and properly maintained safety gear and protective equipment is an absolute must.

The mountain bikers accept that even if the utmost care is taken and all applicable rules and guidelines of conduct are followed, accidents may occur and also damage may occur at any time. All bikers accept the risks and dangers associated with riding on these mountain bike routes. Using the "Bike Republic Sölden" they do so on their own responsibility.
Using and biking on the mountain bike routes is therefore at their own risk!

Code of Conduct

  • Protective Equipment and Bicycles:
    All mountain bikers must wear suitable protective equipment that complies with the level of difficulty of each trail or route, in any case a helmet is an absolute must. Further protective gear, such as neck protection, back protector, elbow and leg protectors and gloves is strongly recommended. It is also a must to use a perfectly maintained bicycle which is suitable for the trail conditions, e.g. enduro bike, freeride bike or downhill bike.
  • Trails/Routes:
    It is only allowed to use the marked routes. Biking on trails that are not signposted is strictly prohibited! If a trail or route is closed it is absolutely forbidden to use it! Do not leave any traces - shortcuts and locked rear wheels damage the trail.
  • Trail Use:
    • Before biking on the trails, the risk must be assessed correctly by making an introductory ride on the trail.
    • Underage mountain bikers may only use the bike trails with the consent of the person responsible for the biker.
    • Children up to the age of 10 may use the bike trails only with the consent of the person officially responsible for the child and accompanied by this person.
    • Mountain bikers are not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Always follow the instructions given by the staff on the spot, closed routes/trails must be observed.
    • Dogs or other pets are not allowed.
    • The mountain gondola transport conditions of Bergbahnen Sölden must be observed. Misuse and apparent non-complying with the terms of use/rules of conduct can result in the order not to use the bike trails anymore and in the confiscation of the lift ticket.
    • Always pay attention to Alpine dangers.
  • Attention to Others:
    Mountain bikers must exercise caution and behave in a manner that does not endanger or harm other persons. Always pay attention to other bikers, hikers, grazing cattle and wild animals; Pasture gates must be closed.
  • Mastering Speed and Biking Style:
    Bikers must choose their speed in a manner that they are ready to stop at any time, especially on single trails, narrow passages and behind blind corners. The speed and biking style must be adapted to the ability, the terrain and the weather conditions as well as the traffic density.
  • Choice of Lane:
    Bikers coming from behind have to choose their lane in a way that they do not endanger the mountain biker in front of him/her.
  • Overtaking:
    It is allowed to overtake from above, from the right or from the left, but only with an appropriate distance that guarantees the biker overtaken enough space for all his movements.
  • Stopping, Walking and Hiking:
    Mountain bikers are not allowed to stop in narrow areas or behind blind spots if there is no emergency. Crashed bikers have to leave the place as quickly as possible. Walking, hiking and especially uphill hiking or uphill biking on the bike routes is strictly prohibited.
  • Taking Photos and Making Films:
    Taking photos and filming is prohibited on the bicycle routes for safety reasons. Taking pictures and making films is only allowed with the explicit consent of the operator by taking into account appropriate safety measures.
  • Road Traffic Regulations apply:
    When biking or cycling on public roads, the national road traffic regulations must be observed and it must be ensured that the bicycles are compliant with these regulations. Bicycles not compliant with the regulations must be pushed on public roads.
  • Respect Signs:
    Bikers must observe all relevant markers, signposts and signals. Particular attention should be paid to junctions and crossroads (always stop)!
  • Assistance:
    In case of accidents every mountain biker is obliged to help. It is strongly recommended always to take a mobile phone with you. Dial emergency number: 140 or 112
  • ID Required:
    In case of an accident or crash every person - no matter if biker or witness, responsible or not, involved or not - must stay at the site of the accident and provide his personal data.
  • Environment:
    Always respect the environment and nature. Garbage must be disposed of correctly. Repairs on the bicycle routes are strictly forbidden. Cold cleaners or non-biodegradable cleaners are severely prohibited.
  • Liability:
    Access to the trails and routes is at your own risk. The operator of the bike routes, Bergbahnen Sölden, Ötztal Tourismus or other persons/organizations involved cannot be held liable for accidents/damages.

Opened/closed Lines

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Status   Name Length    

Schtirggar Line (6058) - NEU

Bike Republic Sölden

1.3 km

Broate Line (6027)

Bike Republic Sölden

1.6 km

Lettn Line (6009)

Bike Republic Sölden

1.5 km

Eebme Line (6005)

Bike Republic Sölden

2.3 km

Ohn Line (6007)

Bike Republic Sölden

3.6 km

Harbe Line (6008)

Bike Republic Sölden

2.2 km

Gahe Line (6028)

Bike Republic Sölden

7.4 km

Troalen Line (6034)

Bike Republic Sölden

1.6 km

Teäre Line (6003)

Bike Republic Sölden

5.2 km

Ollweite Line (6010)

Bike Republic Sölden

7 km

Zaahe Line (6004)

Bike Republic Sölden

0.7 km

Olm Volle Line (6040)

Bike Republic Sölden

1.5 km

  • 23°C

  • 7/9

  • 24/30

  • 35.9/35.9 km

  • Live