Become a BIKE REPUBLIC Citizen

Your Republic. Your Rules.

It doesn't matter which language you speak - you will learn a little bit of Ötztal's dialect quickly. It doesn't matter where you come from - everyone will become naturalized in the BIKE REPUBLIC. It doesn't matter what you believe in - we all believe in love for biking sports. Together we create the most peaceful & flowing, the most fun-packed & exciting REPUBLIC in the world!

Become a Bike Republic Citizen!
Get your passport, receive goodies, simply get involved - and above all, become part of a community where everyone enjoys biking: no matter where you come from, if you are big or small, no matter what you believe in or which language you speak - everyone can learn a little bit of Ötztal's dialect quickly.

You will get your passport by purchasing a MTB ticket at the ticket offices of Bergbahnen Sölden.

On the trails and lines of the BIKE REPUBLIC you can collect stamps or visas: for six, twelve or eighteen collected trail visas you will receive cool biker goodies at the information desks of Freizeit Arena Sölden!

Below you can find the registration form at our virtual registration office. As a BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN citizen you can collect goodies and co-govern the Nation.

Citizen Passport

On each trail you collect a stamp representing a visa. For six, twelve or eighteen Trail Visas collected in your pass you get cool biker goodies at the Information Sölden in the Freizeit Arena building: true must-haves for enduro bikers & freeriders!

Below you can make an entry to our virtual residents' registration office. As a Citizen of the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN you receive fine Goodies and you also have the chance to be creative and to rule the Republic yourself. Together we will create the World's probably most peaceful & flowing, most fun-filled & thrilling Republic!


Your Republic. Your Vote.

Our slogan RIDERS RULE is to be taken literally. You participate in our yearly held digital Citizens' Meeting where you can RULE DIRECTLY. We always keep you up-to-date informing you about the current status, future projects and plans - and you can decide too! How should the next trail or line look like? Jumps or tables? Or: Which give-away should we launch next? RULE YOUR REPUBLIC.


Registration as BIKE REPUBLIC Citizen

Bike Republic Sölden Citizen Passport
Bike Republic Sölden Passport
  • 18°C

  • 8/9

  • 19/33

  • 33.3/34.7 km

  • Live

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