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Mountain Bike & Bicycle-friendly Lodging


Only the best for you and your bike

From cozy apartments to 5-star superior hotels: In Sölden you will can choose from varied accommodations that are perfectly geared to bikers and their needs. Here you can wash and store your bicycle safely, have your clothes washed overnight and enjoy many more extra services.

Specific bike facilities:

Basic bikers' services in all partner accommodations / 3 Pinions

  • Bicycle garage or bicycle storage room
  • Basic equipment: bicycle repair tools, bicycle pump with valve adapter set, wheel repair kit, lubricants
  • Outdoor bicycle washing facilities (water supply and hose)
  • Drying facilities for bike clothes

Additional services/4 Pinions

  • Mounting rack for bicycles
  • Lockable bike storage (bike lock) or lockable storage room
  • Bicycle parking rack in front of the house

Food arrangement and accommodation:

Basic bikers' services in all partner accommodations / 3 Pinions

  • Healthy and substantial breakfast buffet
  • Choice of wholefood products
  • Health-conscious meals, e.g. MTB menu with main dish rich in carbohydrates, small salad and large isotonic drink
  • Choice of typical local products

Additional services/4 Pinions

  • Bike tour snacks and drinks* (energy bar, fruit, isotonic sports drink for the drinking bottle, energy gel to take with you) *possibly for an extra charge

Information (3 Pinions)

  • Weather report (3 day preview, mountain weather, allergy report) (www.oetztal.com)
  • Bicycle repair shops, rental services, sports stores - addresses and opening hours
  • ÖVG public bus line and mountain lifts offering bicycle transport Opening hours, rates, information
  • Trail map overview at free disposal of all bikers (MTB/cycle trail map, region's trail overview)
  • Bike guides, MTB instruction
  • Help in organizing tours or guided tour with the host

Additional services/4 Pinions

  • Knowledge of tour details, surface, attractions and official routes

Further Criteria (3 Pinions)

  • New edition of cycling & mountain biking trail map for free
  • Overnight laundry service (extra charge)

Additional services/4 Pinions

  • Latest Bike Magazine at disposal of all bikers
  • Internet access:
  • Possibility of downloading GPS data, tour check via Google Earth.
  • Minimum requirement: W-LAN access (extra charge)
  • MTB package available on the own homepage
  • Package for "accompanying person" available on the own homepage
  • Personal information & welcome by the in-house MTB expert
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