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Trails and lines in the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN

Winding masterpieces, rocky rides & dreamlike tours

The variety of routes in the BIKE REPUBLIC is already huge by now - and the Nation is still growing. Our 9 man-made lines cover the full range of biking preferences: from the TEARE LINE, our twisting surfer's route, to the ZAAHE LINE, a demanding black route boasting a lot of airtime.

Among others, there is also a rocking highlight - the sensational OLLWEITE LINE that meanders down on 7 kilometers from 2666 meters above sea level. The GAHE LINE features a huge length of 7.6 kilometers. As it also links the HARBE and the LETTN LINE, it offers about 12 km of fine flow, covering 1000 meters of altitude change.

Of course, there are also our 17 natural trails leading right through the heart of the REPUBLIC - but also towards its borders, where the Nation becomes lonely and authentic. They are a dream especially for enduro mountain bikers (and all other tree root lovers) - sometimes demanding, partly very flowing.

Discover your REPUBLIC, enjoy all your tracks.

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