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Shaped Lines

Shaped Lines
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Rollin rollin rollin

With a maximum of effort and a minimum of impact on nature we build our SHAPED LINES - together with specialists from around the globe, who exactly know what makes the perfect ride. Therefore the TEÄRE, our very first line, has already become an epic trail for which even the Canadians travel to the BIKE REPUBLIC - and then they very much appreciate the many main and side routes: the OLLWEITE LINE starts at 2666 m above sea level and offers sensational rock and roll on 7 kilometers. Or the GAHE LINE in the Giggijoch area, it covers even more distance and has an incredible length of 7.6 kilometers. As it also links the HARBE and the LETTN LINE, it offers about 12 flowing km and 1000 meters of altitude change. LONG LINES. NON-STOP.


Bike Republic Sölden Line Map
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