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Well prepared

Did you know that …

we all support each other in the BIKE REPUBLIC and that we always tackle the routes in a perfectly prepared manner? OF COURSE you knew that! We are ONE FOR ALL – one nation for everyone. But sometimes we forget a thing or two... In order to prepare all our wonderful citizens for the BIKE REPUBLIC in the best possible way, we asked Korbi Engstler - our honorary citizen - to do some explanatory work. Our flow and show master will explain what to watch out for.

Current episode

Can You Dig It?

Have you ever met our Trail Building Crew? They are the best! Seriously, the are! They build, shape, maintain for us citizens all day long. No dig no ride! So, whenever you see a SLOW sign, do us a favour: this means they are currently working hard to prepare the best riding material. Slow down and give them props – they will appreciate it and put even more love in grooming and manicuring the trails for all of us. Prepare for our amazing crew by watching this wonderful intro video here:

Last episode

Off Leash. Off Guard.

Everybody is welcome in the BIKE REPUBLIC. Everybody. However, if the body is covered with hair and if the body has four legs, we have to ask him to stay away from the trails. You’re dog sure is whip-smart, super cute and a guarantee for much likes on Instagram as a trail dog, but on the tracks of the BIKE REPUBLIC dogs are a danger. For themselves, other riders, our cattle and deer. So, if you love your buddy, let him chill down in the valley – we promise, he will find many admirers and a bowl filled with fresh mountain water there. A round of applause from hands and paws for our film crew and their fantastic real-life, action-driven illustration which you find HERE.

More episodes

Know Your Limits

Of course, definitely so, bien sure, for sure you are an amazing mountain biker, a hell of a rider. Are you? Really? Well, then you also know how you can spot a good biker?! Exactly: An awesome rider would never start with hitting the black tracks, would never begin by blindly shredding the roughest lines.

You look so good!

No nation on this planet has more style than the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN! And why? Because our citizens wear the prettiest smile and not the finest twine. Therefore, we kindly ask you one thing: always protect yourself with a helmet and pads so that you continue to blow us away with your rays. Here Hannes will show you how it works.

Shared Trails 2 - humans

Hello, how are you, dear hiker! The BIKE REPUBLIC is committed to peace and flow. Respect and consideration are not only a matter of course, but also a guarantee for high spirits and good karma. In the most recent issue of BIKE REPUBLIC TONIGHT, Korbi Engstler explains how beautiful it can be when bikers meet hikers.

Shared Trails 1 - animals

The BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN is an open, colorful nation ruled by a deep sense of community. BUT it's not just about showing consideration for each other. We also share our wonderful nation with other fellows: our cows. They too can be out and about on the trails.

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