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Long Lines & Long Trails. Non Stop.

Flow in a row

The name says it all: The Long Lines & Trails of the BIKE REPUBLIC promise almost endless flow. And put your stamina to the ultimate test. Some facts and figures? The "Giggijoch Long Line", for example, has a length of 16 kilometers and covers 1,300 vertuical meters, or the "Long Trail Fernar Nonstop" starting at the Tiefenbach Glacier, first on the high alpine Fernar Trail and then further on natural trails down to the valley with more than 1,400 vertical meters. Ready for XXL biking fun?



Ready for ultimate biking fun in XXL format?

Overview Long Lines

Long Line Gaislachkogl


6005 Pfeil 6003 Pfeil 6027

Starting at the middle station of Gaislachkogl gondola (2,174 m) via Eebme Line (6005) - Teäre Line (6003) and Broate Line (6027) to the Bottom station of Gaislachkogl gondola.

Length: 7,3 km

Difference in altitude: 806 m




Teäre Line Bike Republic Sölden

Long Line Rotkogl



6010 Pfeil 6007 Pfeil 6027

Starting at the Top station of Langegg-Chairlift (2,666 m) via Ollweite Line (6010) - Ohn Line (6007) and Broate Line (6027) to the Bottom station of Gaislachkogl Gondola.

Length: 12,5 km

Difference in altitude: 1,300 m





Ollweite Line Bike Republic Sölden

Long Line Giggijoch


6010 Pfeil 6034 Pfeil 6008 Pfeil 6028 Pfeil 6009

Starting at the Top station of Langegg chairlift (2,663 m) via Ollweite Line (6010), Troalen Line (6034), Harbe Line (6008) - Gahe Line (6028) and Lettn Line (6009) to the Bottom station of Giggijoch gondola.

Lenght:  16 km

Difference in altitude: 1,313 m




Harbe Line Bike Republic Sölden

Fernar Nonstop


6041 Pfeil 678 Pfeil Gaislachtrail Pfeil 696 Pfeil 6026

Starting at the Tiefenbach Glacier (2,800 m) via Fernar Trail (6041), Löple Trail (678)  Gaislach Trail (6052), Nene Trail (696) briefly on Broate Line, then on Schteckler Trail (6026)  to the pumptrack Rollin at the Bottom station of Gaislachkogl gondola.

Length: 10.1 km

Difference in altitude : 1,427 m




Fernar Trail Bike Republic Sölden

Schölder Trail


676 Pfeil 675 Pfeil 672 Pfeil 6009

Starting at the middle station of Gaislachkogl gondola (2,174 m) at the beginning via the access road to the entrance of  Bartiges Bödele Trails (676), the short uphill to the Rettenbachalm (2,145 m), afterwards via Rettenbach Trail (675) to Sonnblick restaurant at Hochsölden (2,090 m), then on the road descending to the entrance tof Leiterberg Trail (672), at the end short uphill to Lettn Line (6009) on this line down to the valley station of the Giggijoch gondola.

Length: 11,9 km

Difference in altitude : 889 m




Schölder Trail Bike Republic Sölden
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