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First aid & medical care

Great help: mountain rescuers on bikes

Always be on the safe side: Four full-time mountain rescue experts take care of your safety on the countless lines and trails on the Republic's territory. In 2017, a highly professional rescue service for mountain bikers was designed and set up in cooperation with the Tirol Mountain Rescue and its local Sölden office, and has already become a shining example. Thanks to the expert knowhow and state-of-the-art equipment of the mountain rescue - in combination with an excellently trained, local mountain rescue staff - we can offer such a high quality level of rescue services and rescue chains. In the Republic the mountain rescuers on bikes - by the way, the first of their guild in Tirol - also provide for the early morning control rides on the trails. You can also find out here how you can support the mountain rescuers of Sölden and which basic medical care is available in Sölden.

Safe on the trails thanks to the Emergency App of Bergrettung Tirol

In order to make life easier for mountain rescuers (and yourself) you are strongly recommended to download the free emergency app of Bergrettung Tirol / Mountain Rescue to your smartphone before you start a mountain bike holiday in Sölden. The app provides the pinpoint location of the injured - therefore the rescue teams can reach the scene of the accident even faster.

Bergrettung App

The free emergency app of Bergrettung Tirol is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. HERE you can download the app from the Apple Store, HERE is the download link for Google's Play Store. Find further information about the functionality of the app in the respective app stores.


Inexpensive and convenient: Rescue Cost Insurance

Bergrettung Tirol offers an inexpensive and worldwide rescue cost insurance for all the family. The insurance costs only € 28 per year and is also valid for spouses/partners and children (living in the same household) up to 18 years of age. HERE you can register directly for the insurance and find out more details about the offer.



Information you will need:

  • Where (coordinates)?
  • What happened?
  • How many injured people?
  • Who is calling? Weather conditions on the spot?


Ötztal Apotheke


As a contact point in the area of medicine supply the Ötztal pharmacy leads more than 5,000 articles. The medicine specialties of one's own (cough mixture, emulsion against allergies and sunburn, herb ointment ...) are known primarily. In the large laboratory werfden these products of one's own on the spot produced. A make-up artist of one's own offers type advice and making up appointments.

Due to the special requirements in a tourism place like Sölden, the six-headed team is also multilingual around Ilse Rösslhuber to be able to communicate with international customers optimally.

Not only the general remedies are part of our products. You also find books, smell lamps, one friction, personal hygiene products, herb cushions, different tea types and hot-water bottles, under this.

Do something good to your body and your soul ...

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