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Girls ride together

Percentage of women? Above average!

We certainly don't want a bike park for women only. But heaps of flow. We want smooth lines for surfing on which we can improve trail riding skills. And above all, we want variety and challenges when we already feel "comfortable" on the bike. We want to have fun together, without pressure and without posing. We want to stop in quaint mountain huts, sample local specialties and relax down in the valley.

It was clear right from start: The BIKE REPUBLIC will be an open-minded, tolerant and fun-filled area.

A place where everyone really feels comfortable and nobody is excluded. A lovely REPUBLIC with many bike citizens as we women are very keen on biking. In the BIKE REPUBLIC the women's percentage is above average. This is certainly due to the fine flow trails which are not geared towards competing against others or comparing skills. Passionate female bikers concentrate on rolling, enhancing self-confidence and trust in the bike - and of on fun-filled surfing. Perfect routes to get in contact with trail riding without having the typical girl's thought: My God, do I act clumsily?

But it is not that we women are the weaker biking sex. There is a huge number of girls that (could) overtake the boys easily. Most of us local ladies only started biking when the REPUBLIC was founded, and now we love the challenges of the gruff LINES like the OLLWEITE or the rooty natural trails like the NENE Trail.

We celebrate that the BIKE REPUBLIC really has a very special atmosphere. That you are chilled out and not stressed, that after biking everyone sits together while enjoying BRS craft beer or frozen yoghurt at the pump track. Boys & girls, mums & dads, balance bicycle kids & downhill racers. The après-bike program can then be planned just as you wish. For example, at Bäckelarwirt there are bowls and pizza from the wood-fired oven, at the Hot Dog Factory you get tasty sausages and in the Live Bar you can listen to really good music.

And of course there is the Aqua Dome, the popular thermal bath and spa center in Längenfeld. In the huge area you either enjoy a sauna session or a huge range of soothing spa treatments. In the sports pool you can do lengths, relax in the floating bowls and splash around in countless other pools.

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