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Take part & win a bike weekend


Currently, we have no idea what tomorrow will bring, or what our bike summer 2020 will look like. However, it is entirely up to us to shape our here and now! Bring back your bike memories and bake, shape, paint whatever your creativity and your hands tell you to: forks you can spoon, flow lines you can drink, pump tracks in oil or paper-mache camper vans… Take a picture of your work of art & upload it here.

We’re looking forward to your creative outbursts – but we are looking more forward to welcoming you here!

You can win a true Ride ‘n Roll BIKE REPUBLIC weekend. The young, fresh (and highly bike-addicted) motorhome brand SUNLIGHT will offer you one of their camper vans for an entire long weekend (Thursday–Monday)! In the BIKE REPUBLIC you’ll find a pitch waiting for you on the camping site in Sölden right next tot he gondola base station – and, of course, you will get 3 day tickets for 2 people.


How to participate

1. Bake, shape or paint your image of the bike summer 2020
2. Take a picture of your work
3. Upload your picture on the website
4. And you will participate in the competition
5. The competition runs from May 2nd to May 31st



SUNLIGHT camper van for a long weekend (Thursday–Monday)
3 BIKE REPUBLIC day tickets for 2 people
Free pitch at the camping site in Sölden (Thursday–Monday)

Sunlight Camper Vans

SUNLIGHT is a young brand that clearly stands out on the motorhome market. It has style and wit, is fresh and dynamic – and produces motorhomes,vans und camper vans designed for adventure hunters. The team itself is bike and board fanatic and that shows not only in the vehicles, but also in the athlete crew, which includes Oli Dorn, Ali Clarkson and Guido Tschugg. The SUNLIGHT team showed up repeatedly in the BIKE REPUBLIC, which led to a great and fun partnership.

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Bike Republic Sölden

It’s probably the most peaceful, open and fun-loving nation you could wish for (not only as a biker): the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN is ruled by Master Flow & Lady Fairness! It is the home of finely shaped, carefully maintained lines for any skill level and sensational natural trails. There are huts on the mountain and places to chill in the valley. You will receive your own passport and you have the right to vote. Bikes Roll & Riders Rule!

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