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Single Trail Paperchase - 14.08.2021

Dear Single Trail Paperchaser,

140 mm of wheel suspension range or more, uphill on the trails with your own muscle power or by mountain lift, speeding down the lines: the Paperchase event is the ultimate team competition for enduro bikers. There is no prize money for every man and woman, but you can win the “Giant Golden Schnitzel”. Holding it in your hands is a real highlight and an honor for every enduro biker.

In teams of two and three, enduro bikers face the very sporty challenge on the trails of the Bike Republic Sölden as well as at varied activity stations where funny tasks have to be performed.

Note for all hungry Paperchase hunters:

Currently, all starting places for the 2021 event are already taken. If there should be more starting places at short notice, you can find out on all Bike Republic Sölden channels.

Sponsors & Partners

Scott Sponsor Bike Republic Sölden
Bitburger Sponsor Bike Republic Sölden
Lifefood Sponsor Bike Republic Sölden
Endura Sponsor Bike Republic Sölden
Die Rasenmäher Sponsor Bike Republic
Continental Sponsor Bike Republic Sölden
Bike Components Bike Republic Sölden
Deuter Sponsor Bike Republic Sölden
Groox Sponsor Bike Republic Sölden
  • 26°C

  • 6/9

  • 12/33

  • 24.3/34.4 km

  • Live