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Best bike buddies

Ride, rock, roll – and repeat!

Hello, bike buddies! For all the new citizens among us, here is a first overview of our REPUBLIC - so that you know immediately which way and line to take (= ride) in the REPUBLIC, which places to visit and which parties to celebrate.

First of all: In the BIKE REPUBLIC you can reach quite dizzy heights and pretty endless trails. Alpine terrain awaits you here! A quick uphill and downhill adventure is not really possible - but that's really ok. Here you enjoy quick uphill rides and truly looooong downhills. Or even quicker uphill adventures followed by much longer downhills. No stress and rush at all, simply treat yourselves to great enjoyment on the trails and lines.

What you will soon notice:

Our fine flow lines seem to be endless. 16 trail kilometers in a row?

Yes, on our LONG LINES! You can even collect trails and lines that may be (somewhat) shorter but will really
challenge you: From the rocky OLLWEITE LINE (still longer than 7 km) to the brutally demanding, high Alpine Fernar Trail;
from the Nene Trail seasoned with massive tree root sections to the enormous airtime on the OLM VOLLE LINE
(expected to open from September 2020). Another gourmet piece are the enduro routes such as the almost
25 km long Schölder Trail.

  • 22°C

  • 8/9

  • 18/37

  • 32.9/34.4 km

  • Live