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Fernar Trail

High-Alpine Challenge

The BIKE REPUBLIC’s new alpine natural singletrack starts at the Tiefenbach glacier and carves its way down through super demanding terrain to Gaislach – it’s as spectacular as it is challenging!

The trailhead of the Fernar Trail High is located in the heart of a jaw-dropping scenery high up at 2.800 m. From the top to the bottom it requires all of your skills, powers and focus as the rocky route is very exposed. Via the Petznersee you face super-steep terrain, tight switchbacks and boulders blocking your way. At the end in Gaislach stop to recover before hitting the the Löple and then the Nene Trail. Chill on the BROATE LINE and then finish with the Schtecklar Trail.


From 11th of July every Saturday, Sunday & Tuesaday a shuttle will take you to the Tiefenbach glacier if the weather conditions are good.

  • Meeting point 8.15 am in front of Gaislachkogl Mountain Gondola next to the taxi lane, at the James Bond Car
  • Minimum number of participants: 4
  • Limited number: 14 bikers per shuttle, offer will be adjusted according to demand
  • Price without valid Bike Ticket: € 29.00
  • Price with valid Bike Ticket: € 20.00
  • If the participant doesn't show up, the booked place will be entirely canceled and no money will be refunded.


Safety Advice

You ride at your own risk and responsibility. Please do not overestimate your skill level and prepare carefully: download the Mountain Rescue App (Download - App Store | Download - Google Play) and check if you are appropriately insured. In case of an accident, the rescue team can only operate with ropes due to the tough terrain!

Mind: there are passages with no mobile phone reception!

You MUST bring your own repair material (extra tube, tool etc.)!


Cancellation of the tour

If the event is canceled by the organizer, the booked place can either be postponed to the next free tour or the fee paid can be refunded at Gaislachkogl gondola's ticket office. Since the execution of the tour strongly depends on weather conditions, the cancellation will not take place before 8:00 am on site.

Cancellation reasons:

  • Snowfall or snow-covered lane
  • Very wet conditions or continuous rain the day before Expected storm conditions (gale, wind, thunderstorm)


Registration until 16:30 o’clock the day before, booking only possible at the ticket office of the Gaislachkoglbahn

Prepare fot the following obstacles, risks:

  • Switchbacks
  • Extremely technical sections
  • Small drops
  • Exposed, rock-filled terrain
  • Loose material, stones, gravel
  • Slippery rock formations when wet

Obligatory Equipment:

  • Helmet / Fullface Helmet
  • MTB gloves
  • Maintained Full-Suspension MTB (Enduro, Freeride) – we do not recommend DH bikes as you have to pedal quite a bit, too

Recommended Equipment:

  • Protective gear such as neck, back, leg and elbow protectors
  • Service gear (patch kit, tool, additional tube, pump etc.)
  • Sufficient amount of water Rain gear
  • 12°C

  • 0/9

  • 0/32

  • 0/34.4 km

  • Live