National Holiday

Riders Party

A proper National Holiday also includes proper party fun. The following acts promise a good atmosphere in the event area:



Popular djPHILIPS started his DJ career as resident at the well-known Weekender Club in Innsbruck. For many years it was there that he brought countless students to dance at the so-called Students Night, a highlight of Innsbruck's weekly nightlife routine. From a musical point of view djPHILIPS is hard to put into a genre, so each night is just as unique as its guests. In the mashup, Indie, electronic music but also Hip-Hop and many other genres of music are combined to form a homogenous sound landscape. Only the origin is of utmost importance: from the underground, never heard and new - if possible! This attitude makes djPHILIPS a true guarantor behind the turntables and allows him to look back on hundreds of DJ sets in Austria and abroad. He performed in huge cities like Berlin, Zurich or Vienna. He has already become part of the festival area at some renowned music events and also gave a serenade for FM4's birthday.


DJ Philips Bike Republic Sölden National Holiday



Captivating rhythm paired with a healthy dose of zest for life - this is how fans know the successful band "Mainfelt" from the heart of South Tyrol. Their folk rock, which is so often referred to as "handcrafted & heartmade", has the finger on the pulse of time in recent years. After four successful years and tours, many experiences on the street and in numerous German clubs, some of the musicians long for a calmer life back home in South Tyrol. For Patrick that was only the beginning.

"Life on tour can be very exhausting, you live out of your suitcase and it's also a burden on your body and mind. This is not the right thing for everyone. But for me it was and still is exactly what I want to do ... it's almost a basic need. Making music, writing songs and carrying my tunes out into the world to meet new people, to touch others and myself with the music and - at best - to make many new friends. "

Look forward to energetic folk rock from South Tyrol.


Everyone knows DJs who are pretty predictable, who use the same 40 tracks over and over again, who play safely and stay in their subgenre. These DJs can be found everywhere, you can meet them in any club - if you want. But there is also Kristian Davidek. He takes his enthusiastic audience on a journey through the wide open world of electronic music.

His main ingredients are House, Techno, Breakbeats or Brazil - always selected in a sensitive way and with a good dose of taste and style.

FM4 Davidecks

Every Saturday from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm Kristian Davidek hosts a music program on Radio FM4. It is the missing link between pop and club music culture - for many passionate listeners a launch pad into their well-deserved weekend. Underground sound meets three decades of dance music but the focus is on new sounds - mostly a mix. National and international guests come to the show for interviews and live sets. Every week Davideck explains a certain genre of music in only two minutes - to make sure that you will never confuse names again.

Kristian Davidek FM4 Davidecks Bike Republic Sölden National Holiday
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