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Bringing down the cattle from the mountain pastures

culture / customs / markets

Gasthof Neue Post


Living tradition and also a colorful spectacle:
The cattle drive in Zwieselstein is one of those special celebrations, the peasant tradition for locals and visitors
demonstrates in an impressive way. After the cows have enjoyed all summer juicy grass on the pastures,
in every September it is time to come "Back to the valley!"

Decorated with colorful flowers and bells they move from the summer pastures down - a great appearance,
the numerous visitors each year enthusiastic. The return of the animals is also with culinary specialties
and live music celebrates.
The cattle drive in Zwieselstein is a unique spectacle, a fine example of practiced customs and traditions.

  • 26°C

  • 6/9

  • 12/33

  • 24.3/34.4 km

  • Live