24 km FLOW Experience

Shaped Lines are man-made or machine-made trails with steep turns, wall rides, rollers (waves) and one or more snails (spiral-shaped) but they don't feature tree roots, rocks or stones. Man-made obstacles like jumps can be a part of such a trail, depending on its difficulty level (Jump Line). The flow is of utmost importance - quite similar to a rollercoaster experience on two wheels, that puts a huge smile on your face. Endorphins guaranteed!


The leisurely BROATE LINE takes you back to the valley. A 1.6 km long track that features a couple of Fun Elements. The last stretch before you reach the Rolling Pump Track, is designed as an easy Trail.

Distance: 1.6 km
Descent: 181 m

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LETTN LINE is open from the 2017 summer, a blue "highway" leading down to the valley floor through Alpine forests and meadows. It features a number of playful elements, embedded in the quite muddy and wet terrain.

Distance: 1.5 km
Descent: 127 m

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EEBME LINE is a natural trail customized to the terrain, boasting countless waves and changes in direction. Starting at the Middle Station of Gaislachkogl mountain gondola, it connects the Ohn Line with the trail network. After about 2.1 km the Eebme Line ends below the Glacier Road, forking off into the Ohn Line after a short transfer section.

Distance: 2.1 km
Descent: 192 m

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The 3.6 km long Ohn Line is the completion of the Eebme Line, starting at the base station of Langegg chair lift. As this line covers a huge sector, it makes a wonderful and flowy route that has long stretches without turns although the line covers a great many of altitude meters.

Distance: 3.6 km
Descent: 181 m

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HARBE LINE is open from the 2017 summer, connecting the top station of Giggijoch gondola with Hochsölden. A superb blue Line offering fun and action again and again. But be careful: you can easily get addicted...

Distance: 2.2 km
Descent: 177 m

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Unrivaled flow starting below the Middle Station of Gaislachkogl mountain gondola, leading down to the valley floor: myriad waves, wall ride and 130 turns are spread on this 5.2 km long trail which puts a huge smile on every biker's face. No matter if you are a beginner, an advanced rider, an enduro fan or freeride pro: Ride it, feel it, love it!

Distance: 5.2 km
Descent: 575 m

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The OLLWEITE LINE covers over 7 km and is therefore also the longest Line with the highest starting point located slightly below Rotkogelhütte at about 2600 meters above sea level.

Distance: 7.0 km
Descent: 712 m

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Superb tables, jumps, rollers and steep switchbacks on a length of 730 meters. Depending on your speed, this route can be mastered in an either playful or fairly challenging way. Please note: this line is only suitable for skilled bikers with enough experience and excellent biking techniques!

Distance: 0.7 km
Descent: 78 m

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