Bike Republic Facts

  • Bike Republic Sölden: wide open terrain embedded in the unique Alpine landscape.
  • Sustainable Trail Construction: Minimum impact on nature resources and local landscapes. Therefore we mostly use small excavators and hand crews.
  • More than 30 mountain restaurants and Alpine huts for a nice rest stop.
  • Ötztal's Dialect influences also the name of the Lines and Trails.
  • The world's best Trail Designers (Hans NoWay Rey, Didi Schneider, Glen Jacobs, Chris Bernhard, Chris Kehmeier, Lukas Häusler, Joscha Forstreuter) came to Sölden by creating characteristic signature trails in the BRS.
  • Currently you'll find Europe's biggest trail construction site in the BRS.
  • Trails & Lines in the final construction stage: 95 km
    - Trails: 30 km
    - Lines: 51 km
    - Transfer routes: 15 km
  • Current Trails (in 2019):
    - Nature and Single Trails: 28 km
    - Lines: 32 km
  • Lines (in 2019):
    - Teäre Line (stubborn, headstrong, persistent)
       5.2 km. 575 altitude meters. 130 turns. difficulty level Red S2

    - Zaahe Line (tough, hard, rough)
       Jump Line - 0.7 km. 78 altitude meters. difficulty level Black S3

    - Eebme Line (without change in altitude)
       2.2 km. 191 altitude meters. difficulty level Blue S1

    - Ohn Line (downhill, downwards)
       3.8 km. 377 altitude meters. difficulty level Blue S1

    - Harbe Line (again and again)
       2.2 km. 187 altitude meters. difficulty level Blue S0

    - Ollweite Line (in the open terrain, out there)
       6.9 km. 720 altitude meters. 130 turns. difficulty level Red S2

    - Lettn Line (mud, wet, slushy)
       1.3 km. 127 altitude meters. difficulty level Blue S1

    - Broate Line (wide, broad)
       1.6 km. 181 altitude meters. difficulty level Green S0

    Gahe Line (fast, quick)
       7.6 km, 619 altitude meters. difficulty level Blue S1
  • Construction starts in 2019:
    - Olm Völle Line (full steam, total commitment) presented by Laura Stigger
       1.7km, difficulty level Black S3-S4
    Troalen Line (dawdle)
       1.6km, difficulty level Blue S1
  • Stone Figures: Marking of the trail starting points.
  • Pump Tracks incl. Skill Center:
    - „Rolling“ at Hotel Bäckelar Wirt. close to the base station of Gaislachkogl gondola.
    - Hotel Sunny. approx. 5 biking minutes from the base station of Giggijoch gondola.

It's all about

  • Pump Track: man-made training area ideal to improve your skills and biking techniques (perfect for beginners and children).
    Main aim: gaining more speed by pumping your body into turns without pedaling!
  • Trail: natural path or trail used by both mountain bikers and hikers
  • Single Trail: narrow path suitable only for downhill biking one behind the other
  • Line: man-made trail without any tree roots or rocks
  • Jump Line: line that includes also obstacles and jumps (excellent biking technique required)
  • Flow: feeling easy on the bike, similar to a roller-coaster experience