Bike Republic Facts

  • Bike Republic Sölden: wide open terrain embedded in the unique Alpine landscape.
  • Sustainable Trail Construction: Minimum impact on nature resources and local landscapes. Therefore we mostly use small excavators and hand crews.
  • More than 30 mountain restaurants and Alpine huts for a nice rest stop.
  • Ötztal's Dialect influences also the name of the Lines and Trails.
  • The world's best Trail Designers (Hans NoWay Rey, Didi Schneider, Glen Jacobs, Chris Bernhard, Chris Kehmeier) came to Sölden by creating characteristic signature trails in the BRS.
  • Currently you'll find Europe's biggest trail construction site in the BRS.
  • Trails & Lines in the final construction stage: 95 km
    - Trails: 30 km
    - Lines: 51 km
    - Transfer routes: 15 km -> gravel trails
  • Current Trails (in 2017):
    - Nature and Single Trails: 30 km
    - Lines: 33 km
  • Lines in 2016:
    - Teäre Line (stubborn, headstrong, persistent)
       5.2 km. 575 altitude meters. 130 turns. difficulty level Red S2
    - Zaahe Line (tough, hard, rough)
       Jump Line - 0.7 km. 78 altitude meters. difficulty level Black S3
    - Eebme Line (without change in altitude)
       2.2 km. 191 altitude meters. difficulty level Blue S1
    - Ohn Line (downhill, downwards)
       3.8 km. 377 altitude meters. difficulty level Blue S1
    - Harbe Line (again and again)
       2.2 km. 187 altitude meters. difficulty level Blue S0
    - Ollweite Line (in the open terrain, out there)
       6.9 km. 720 altitude meters. 130 turns. difficulty level Red S2
    - Lettn Line (mud, wet, slushy)
       1.3 km. 127 altitude meters. difficulty level Blue S0
    - Broate Line (wide, broad)
       1.6 km. 181 altitude meters. difficulty level Green
  • Construction starts in 2017:
    - Extension Harbe Line (Hochsölden-Grünwald) 7.7 km. difficulty level Red S2
  • Stone Figures: Marking of the trail starting points.
  • Pump Tracks incl. Skill Center:
    - „Rolling“ at Hotel Bäckelar Wirt. close to the base station of Gaislachkogl gondola.
    - Hotel Sunny. approx. 5 biking minutes from the base station of Giggijoch gondola.

It's all about

  • Pump Track: man-made training area ideal to improve your skills and biking techniques (perfect for beginners and children).
    Main aim: gaining more speed by pumping your body into turns without pedaling!
  • Trail: natural path or trail used by both mountain bikers and hikers
  • Single Trail: narrow path suitable only for downhill biking one behind the other
  • Line: man-made trail without any tree roots or rocks
  • Jump Line: line that includes also obstacles and jumps (excellent biking technique required)
  • Flow: feeling easy on the bike, similar to a roller-coaster experience